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HRMAC Signature Event: Leadership Forum

The HRAMC Leadership Series is now the HRMAC Leadership Forum.

Introducing the all new HRMAC Leadership Forum... there’s no stale coffee and conversation here. Be inspired by fresh ideas and connect with a group of energized peers at the HRMAC Leadership Forum events. Introducing Ted Talk style presentations and discussion with Human Resources thought leaders in a fresh location along the Chicago River.

Two events focused on the theme of Culture and Teams will answer the following questions:

  • Why are culture and high-performing teams so important to our businesses?
  • Why is now an exciting time for HR to be involved in culture and teams?
  • What is the role of HR in driving culture and supporting new ways of teams working?
  • How can I, as an HR professional/leader, drive culture and team enhancements as a way of improving business results?

The ROI of Culture

March 14
150 N. Riverside Plaza

In interactive Ted Talk style presentations, speakers will share insights on how culture creates measurable impact to a company’s bottom line. Hear success stories from organizations that have driven business results through intentional culture design and change. Engage with peers and reflect on how you can drive or enable cultural changes that will impact your business.

High Performing Teams

May 9
150 N. Riverside Plaza

Industry thought leaders will share insights on what makes a high-performing team and how teams can impact organizational performance. Discuss in breakout groups to learn how other HR professionals have helped their organizations drive team performance. Reflect on how you can enable high-performing teams at your organization.


Check back soon for registration information to come!