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SUMMIT 2017: Industry Knowledge Sponsor Sessions
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Don't miss our sponsor-presented Industry Knowledge Sessions during the exhibit hall networking breaks! Sponsors will provide 20-minute TED-talks style presentations. They will provide free-flowing, short lectures exploring critical topics important to HR leaders.

Close the Talent Gap: Strategies for Developing Next Generation Leaders: (10:10 - 10:30 AM)

 Sponsored by:  

Speaker: Vicki Swisher, Senior Talent Development Consultant, IMPACT Group

Over the next few years, millions of baby boomers will retire from the workplace. Additionally, over one-fourth of current millennial workers will enter management roles. These are highly significant changes that will have wide-reaching effects on the workplace. As the boomers move out, are your frontline and mid-level managers ready to move up? How will you drive competency and leadership development for key talent to avoid falling into the gap?

The time has come to accelerate the development of rising leaders and rethink the current approach to leadership development to stay ahead of the talent gap. You are surrounded by potential at your organization. You have employees and mid-level managers who are anxious to do more – be more – than they currently are. To achieve this, they need to be supported, challenged, and coached.

In this session, Vicki Swisher, talent development expert, shares strategies for responding to the talent shortage and developing key talent to build a dynamic succession pipeline at your company. Hear tips aligned with the 70/20/10 model of learning to help high potentials and rising leaders benefit from a structured development program that includes hands-on learning, one-one-one coaching, manager and senior leader support, and cohort learning sessions. Vicki will present a model for developing mid-level leaders that creates a win-win situation for everyone – providing career development for frontline and mid-level leaders and building a strong talent bench for your organization. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Anticipate and prepare for the talent gap
  • Learn an integrated, scalable method to develop rising leaders and build your succession pipeline
  • Gain practical tips and insights from case study on ways to retain, leverage, and develop key talent.


Engaging Leaders in Business Transformation: (10:35 - 10:55 AM)

 Sponsored by:  

Speaker: Robyn Wheeler, Director, Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson

Organizations continue to struggle with the ability to transform fast enough to keep up with the ever-changing market conditions that continually distract our leaders. In the midst of this, we know the critical role that leaders play in engaging and inspiring our increasingly fatigued workforce to adjust to the ‘new normal’ that not changing is no longer an option for any of us.  This may be the result of new strategic direction, a by-product of sustaining a “less is more” approach or even transforming the organization to have the freedom to fail and learn while keeping up with newly disruptive competition.  Join us to learn leadership’s role in transforming the organization, understand why leaders should not only be engaged in the development of the change strategy for their business unit, but also adopt this approach as their new way of working to support the organization far beyond the date of announcement.  

Machines, Networks and People: Addressing Evolving Cyber Threats: (11:15 - 11:35 AM)

 Sponsored by  

Speaker: Chetan K. Bhatia, Vice President, Security Science, Stroz Friedberg

The term “cyber threat” is becoming more and more complex. No longer is it a threat posed to digital assets by viruses and malware or a financial threat posed to individuals and financial institutions. Now, cyber risk encompasses a broad range of risks with the potential to harm assets, from property to brand and reputation.

And at the center of all of these interactions are people. Almost every breach begins with a human being. By understanding how such threats can manifest, and how to deal with them when they do, risks can be mitigated ahead of time. Bringing together various functional groups within an organization will be crucial as teams prepare for the more multifaceted risks of our increasingly connected future.


Is Your Company's Retirement Plan at Risk, Based on New DOL Regulations? (12:10 - 12:30 PM)

Sponsored by: UBS Financial Services

Speaker: Kevin Boyles, CIP, CISP, Regional Vice President/Sales, Ascensus

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently implemented new regulations for employer-sponsored retirement plans. Is your company's plan at risk? is it time to have an adviser review your plan to determine if it conforms to code or if it needs to be "updated"? 

We will cover the handful of basic questions that you should ask yourself, and review what being a plan fiduciary really means.


Transform to Perform: Talent Mobility in an Era of Digital Disruption: (12:40 - 1:00 PM)

 Sponsored by:  

Speaker: Greg Simpson, Senior Vice President, Global Career Transition Practice Leader, Lee Hecht Harrison

In industry after industry the digital revolution is bringing transformational change to companies that are struggling to keep up, to keep their hold on the marketplace, and to keep their employees engaged. This change has important implications for the workforce and its relationship to the organization. In this talk, Greg Simpson discusses the macro trends, what needs to happen to the way employees in every industry are on boarded and transitioned out, and how to create a resilient workforce.

In this session, Greg will share with you:

  • Why some companies fail to transform fast enough
  • How downsizing must itself transform
  • The key differences between companies that transform successfully and the ones that don't
  • Six essential culture change elements
  • The one management imperative for dealing with change


Get CareerWise: Win at Work: (1:30 - 1:50 PM)

 Sponsored by  

Speaker: Robyn Clark, Managing Partner, SuccessWise Consulting

Enable yourself and your company to learn and grow by catching a snapshot of SuccessWise Consulting’s one-of-a-kind, practical and easy-to-use career development experience. Find out how you can give your organization a productivity, engagement, leadership and career development boost as well as how to personally take your career to the next level. We will introduce our 9 Winning Action Strategies that help you connect the dots between meeting your individual needs and your company’s expectations. Some of our clients have described it as “impactful, a game changer, highly useful, and gets results.” We know you’ll walk away from this engaging session with a fresh, “wiser” perspective on career development, both on the organizational and individual level.


Top 5 Game-Changing Innovations in HR: (2:20 - 2:40 PM)

 Sponsored by  

Speaker: Casandra Tate Mahoney, Partner/Milwaukee Office Leader, Mercer

Get an insider’s perspective on the Top 5 Innovations certain to revolutionize HR in 2018 and beyond during this fast-paced, thought provoking presentation. Engage with Mercer leaders and your peers to learn how personalization, predictive analytics and digitization can change the game for your organization and its employees. Walk away with tangible ideas and strategies that create a healthy, productive and more engaged workforce and enable HR to meet the business challenges of tomorrow.