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SUMMIT 2017: Educational Breakout Sessions
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SUMMIT 2017: Educational Breakout Sessions

Summit's powerful education schedule will feature seven 60-minute educational breakout sessions that will give you the opportunity to choose your learning path throughout the daylong program. They include the Learning Sessions that will feature supplier-client duo presentations focusing on emerging HR trends in a case study format, back by popular demand from 2016, and one Super Session featuring an expert speaker to provide non-HR topics applicable to business and personal growth. Read more about each session below.


Super Session (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM): Executive Presence: What's Real, What's Useful and What's Not

Sponsored by:  

Charmaine McClarie, C-Suite Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Leadership Presence Authority

"Executive Presence" has become a trendy catch phrase. Your skepticism is at least partially deserved; however, this is a valid concept that if properly understood and acted upon will lead to personal and career success.  This one hour session is based in part upon Charmaine's one-on-one discussions with CEO’s about the critical role that “executive presence” plays in the promotion and derailment of your career. She will sort out what's real in executive presence from what's not and deliver proven practical steps for you to take action. These sure-fire tools will help develop your authentic executive presence, ensuring you will be seen as a critical leader recognized for the value you add. 

For a quick snapshot of the session, click the thumbnail below!


Learning Session (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM): The Leadership Pipeline

Sponsored by:
Scott Kiefer, Partner and Vice President, Oliver Group; Brett Walsh, Vice President of Human Resources, Graycor

Leaders at all levels need training, especially the middle managers who directly manage the majority of employees in the organization. However, becoming an effective leader takes more than learning general leadership skills. It requires a fundamental adjustment in work values, time application and skills for each specific level of leadership. This session explains the levels of leadership and how your organization can develop its leaders at each level.  The session will conclude with an interactive discussion among the presenters and attendees. Key learning objectives include:

  • Understand the importance of investing in leadership development.
  • Learn how the different levels of leadership require different work values, time application and skills.
  • Hear directly from an organization who has successfully implemented leadership development.


Learning Session (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM): In and Outsourcing: Harnessing Technology to Transform HR

Sponsored by:   

Lindsay Hunter, Senior Consulting Actuary, Willis Towers Watson; Annette Doorhy-Cranley, Vice President, Health and Wellness Manager, Northern Trust; Curt Whitehead, Director, Total Rewards, Shopko Stores Operating Co, LLC

Who knew Health and Welfare benefits could be so complicated? In this session, we will address how harnessing the power of technology to transform Benefits is a simplifying step that employers of all sizes are choosing to take. With a changing workforce and an ever-growing list of demands being placed on HR, it is critical that employers consider how technology can help fill in the gaps. Most employers readily acknowledge that they are not in the business of Health and Welfare benefits design and delivery, but many still manage a lot of these functionalities in-house. What is the right balance? In this session, Northern Trust and Shopko Stores will discuss their culture, autonomous history, and their decision processes that led them to engage externally for solutions. Whether you're an HR practitioner of a large or small organization, the information and clients representing both sectors will provide diverse perspectives. Learning objectives include:

  • How changes in HR have demanded a technological solution.
  • What was involved in the multi-year decision-making process.
  • Where technology can strengthen the workplace culture and empower employees.
  • How flexibility around choice correlates to employee engagement and empowerment.
  • How companies are creating a competitive advantage and accelerating their benefits strategy through technology.
  • How this technology can be leveraged to meet the needs of a diverse population.

Learning Session (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM): Build a High Octane Company and Culture by Giving in to Millennial Demands

 Sponsored by:  

Anjoo Rai-Marchant, Chief Customer and Technology Officer, HighGround; Cheryl Johnson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Echo Global Logistics

Echo Global Logistics' business grew from virtually nothing to nearly $2 billion in eleven years, due in large part to acquisitions and aggressive organic growth. Echo continuously seeks unique and effective ways to provide industry leading service and give its clients consistently positive experience. With an employee population that is more than 80 percent Millennial, Echo must engage their workforce outside of traditional methods in order to positively impact business results. Echo has weaved multiple forms of technology into the daily fabric of each employee's work day, ranging from an internal social platform and training systems to how they recognize and celebrate achievements, and engages employees in the culture.  This session will explain how they identify high performing employees and how they have experienced an increase in every single employee engagement category and consecutive year-over-year favorability increases. Learning objectives for this session include how to:

  • Leverage social technology as a cultural engine.
  • Develop learning experiences instead of traditional training.
  • Establish internal communities that will drive loyalty and retention.

Learning Session (1:15 PM - 2:15 PM): Creating Meaningful Transformation - Understanding Northwestern Mutual's Change Journey

Sponsored by:  

Sarah Buck, Director of Strategic Growth, Root Inc.; Mark Richards, Assistant Director of Strategy Planning, Northwestern Mutual

When it comes to creating organizational change, executives spend hours upon hours creating a new strategy and the presentation to educate the masses. When they launch this one-way presentation with the masses, they expect a seamless adoption. This process doesn’t work! A strategy can’t work if it’s rolled out in a memo, PowerPoint or single Town Hall meeting. Transformative change is only possible if every person at the organization understands the strategy, the reasons behind the change and how each and every person plays a role in its success. That’s exactly what Northwestern Mutual did. Northwestern Mutual defied the odds and successfully empowered 6,000 home office employees and 9,000 independent field representatives to embrace the organization’s new focus on advanced digital solutions to better serve their clients in their quest to achieve financial security—creating a more concise focus on bridging the gap between what the industry provides and what clients need, want and deserve. Key learning objectives for this session include:

  • See how Northwestern Mutual developed and deployed a creative, experiential and informative program that transformed the way the entire organization helps its clients achieve financial security.  
  • Receive a firsthand view of the disruptive techniques that Northwestern Mutual used to convey this complex strategy story, including facilitating conversations to create a common understanding, and encourage actionable responses and proven results.
  • Participate in a highly interactive exercise that demonstrates how they must think differently about the creation, deployment and sustainment of a strategic change and demonstrates how even the most complex change can be boiled down into a compelling, digestible story and experience that everyone in the company can remember.

Learning Session (1:15 PM - 2:15 PM): Next Practices for Developing Newly Promoted Leaders

Sponsored by:  

Alex Draper, Founder and President, DX Learning Solutions LLC; Rochelle House, Learning Solutions Manager, Leadership Development, Discover Financial; Paul Bulski, Leadership Development Manager, Aurora Health Care

For many employees, getting that first promotion is what they had dreamed about. Fancy title, pay rise and a team of their own, are the reason they worked so hard for so many years! Does it make sense to invest heavily to ensure this is a smooth transition? The facts say otherwise. Large companies spend around $10,000 more per person on leadership development for executive leaders vs first level leaders (Bersin by Deloitte Leadership development fact book 2014). No wonder according to a 2011 CareerBuilder survey, more than 25% of Managers said they weren’t ready to lead when they began managing others. Even more disturbing, 58% said they didn’t receive any management training. This is where bad habits set in that lead to bad bosses. No one wants to work for a bad boss, and we all know the impact of bad bosses on retention and engagement. Let’s put a stop to this. In this session we will talk through a new and proven learning philosophy, that anyone can use in any leadership development program. Discover Financial and Aurora Healthcare will talk through how they have used this approach, with immediate overnight behavioral impact. 

Learning Solution:
No one is born a bad boss. Bad habits formed early manifest themselves eventually into bad behaviors that lead to bad bosses. Those same bosses tend to walk around unaware they are bad bosses, which in turn creates more of them until it is engrained into culture and is deemed normal and expected. DX has a contemporary learning approach to self-awareness through experiential learning of leaders’ natural habits, and creates a human desire to improve behaviors.  We support the development of a culture that empowers people to be their best selves, which dramatically improves engagement and results using micro simulations. 
Key learning objectives for this session include:

  • Learn the science behind breaking bad leadership habits.
  • Discover where and how to incorporate Experiential Learning into your leadership development programs.
  • Understand how to change behavior of your employees in less than half a day.

Learning Session (1:15 PM - 2:15 PM): Talent Management in the Fast Lane: Winning Talent When Candidates are in the Driver's Seat

Sponsored by:  

Kelly Renz, President and CEO, Novo Group, Inc.; Kristen Chang, Lead Recruiter/Vice President Baird; Tom Slaski, Vice President of Global Human Resources, GMR Marketing

Candidates, rather than experiencing how their skills and contributions will shape the company, are treated like one of many and they know it. They should get a glimpse of the culture and values that make the business unique, enough to pique their interest. How do you drive change with recruiting and interview teams to showcase your Employer Value Proposition to engage candidates? This session will show the importance of challenging conventional wisdom and the standard approach to how we attract talent. How organizations are moving to ensure we nurture the candidate experience early on and move from mass recruiting machines to individual connections is key in planning for the future. The speakers will discuss and share the future talent landscape and how candidate expectations have changed over the past 5 years. Businesses need to find ways to engage people by their unique career interests and goals whenever possible, a strong Employer Value Proposition can make all the difference  Companies that don’t change or adapt will be left behind in the war for talent. Key learning objectives for this session include:

  • Understanding the changing workforce expectations in recruiting and after hire – what is different just in the past few years?  What is the impact of NOT changing?
  • Candidate Engagement:  Knowing when technology and social media channels are helpful and when they will hinder your recruitment process.
  • EVP - Employer Value Proposition: how to develop it, implement it and capitalize on it.
  • How these efforts for recruiting translate into retention results as well.

CHROnly Session (12:30 PM - 2:15 PM): Ticket Required

Angela Hills, EVP of People & Culture, Cielo

Bring your expertise as a senior leader to this exclusive, invitation-only session!

This exclusive session will begin with a networking lunch wit your esteemed CHRO colleagues. Get unique perspectives and make the connections that will help propel your strategic objectives. HRMAC Vice Chair Angela Hills of Cielo will welcome the group and kick off a facilitated group discussion on the future of HRMAC. We want to gather your inputs to ensure we're meeting your CHRO needs.

This is an exciting time for HRMAC - be part of setting the future course of our enduring organization! Your input is critical so we can shape HRMAC as the premier HR association for the next 100 years.

All attendees must be SUMMIT 2017 registrants. This session is for CHROs and CHROs in transition. Please note your interest in attending during the online registration process. Your attendance will be confirmed by HRMAC.